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  • Bonding, Sealing and Plastic Repair

    Bonding, Sealing and Plastic Repair

    The arrival of new synthetic materials and lighter metal alloys require new and adapted repair procedures. Finixa offers a wide range of adhesives and sealants especially developed for the professional body shop; versatility, problem-solving, time saving, ease of use and environmental friendliness are the parameters in the development of our products. Also take a look at our plastic repair technology. The ultra-fast and cost-effective curing times combined with an ease of use and extreme adhesion make this the absolute first choice of every professional.

  • Masking


    A good masking job will result in a superior, clean finish once the painting process is complete. Masking requires time and attention to detail. Finixa offers a wide range of professional masking products that will save you a lot of time and guarantee a top finish.

  • Spray Booth Maintenance and Protection

    Spray Booth Maintenance and Protection

    Finixa offers a complete line of washable and strippable coatings that provide an economic alternative to labour intensive spray booth scraping and cleaning. There is no bigger investment in an autobody shop than the paint booth. And the booth is where the final, most visible step in the repair process takes place.

  • Personal Protection

    Personal Protection

    When preparing surfaces or applying paint, a specific level of protection is required against the risks users are exposed to. Finixa’s range of protective clothing offers not only protection, but also comfort and durability. Depending on the specific workshop task we offer either reusable or disposable dust & spray masks, gloves, safety boots and coveralls.

  • Equipment


    Finixa offers you a wide range of technical equipment, as well as the corresponding chemicals and accessories for use in the different departments of your workshop. For the paint mixing room, we offer a complete line of spray gun cleaners for both water- and solvent- based cleaning to ensure your spray guns will stay clean and in optimal condition. Our spray gun cleaners can be modularly adapted to suit your needs.

  • Panel Stands and Trestle

    Panel Stands and Trestle

    Finixa offers a wide variety of Panel Stands and Trestle. Very versatile and durable, the stands are designed to facilitate car panel handling during preparation and spraying processes. Compact yet easily handles the largest bonnets, tailgates, doors, wings, etc.

Finixa by Chemicar

Chemicar Europe NV, based in Belgium, designs and develops high-quality, non-paint products (consumables and equipment) for the professional body shop, under the brand name Finixa. The company started up 35 years ago and evolved from a large distributor to a marketing company, designing most and producing part of its Finixa program. Finixa products are tested extensively before they are brought onto the market to make sure the quality is up to standards. Moreover, working techniques and equipment often need to be updated as the way cars are built evolves continuously. Finixa's research and development department focuses on product innovation and improvement in order to not only meet the demands of the market, but to simplify the car repair process.

At Leal & Co. Ltd, we have been satisfied by the quality of Finixa products, which all respect EU norms. This is why we started importing some items for using in our workshops, but also to distribute.

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