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  • Spark Plugs

    Spark Plugs

    Denso is the World's leading pioneers of OEM quality spark plug technology since 1959. Thanks to the U-groove technology, the plug employs a unique, channelled ground electrode designed to generate a larger spark nucleus at the point of ignition. The results are:
    Improved Output – More power with an optimal combustion cycle,
    Improved Acceleration – Increased response and acceleration performance,
    Improved Power – Increased output under various driving conditions,
    Improved Fuel Consumption – Improved ignition, less fuel consumption, less noise.
    If you would like to know more about spark plug references and cross references, please download our brochure below, or visit

  • Wiper blades

    Wiper blades

    These are the exceptional credentials of DENSO’s Wiper Blades – providing drivers with a safe, comfortable field of vision whatever the weather. DENSO Wiper Blades are the choice of leading car makers worldwide. Why? Because in our work as one of the world’s foremost developers and manufacturers of original vehicle parts and systems, DENSO is a relentless pioneer of advanced Wiper Blade technologies. All these advantages are also available to aftermarket customers in our DENSO Wiper Blades programme.

  • Oil Filters

    Oil Filters

    Denso Oil Filters will provide higher filtration efficiency. Thanks to the Pre-lubricated moulded O-ring, superior sealing is achieved over generic filters. The Denso Oil Filter will also prevent rough starts caused by oil draining out of the engine while vehicle is turned off. Finally, the filter will trap contaminants for increased engine protection.

DENSO Spark Plugs & Wiper Blades

DENSO is one of the world's largest automotive suppliers of technology and components found in almost all vehicles around the globe. With 170,000+ employees brilliant engineers, ambitious researchers, skilled craftspeople, dedicated professionals work across global offices and plants to innovate and advance the future of Connected Cars, Automated Drive, Shared Mobility and Electrification.

From some extraordinary products to the unique manufacturing processes, DENSO is building a mobility future that enables freedom of movement for people and things, eliminates accidents, revitalizes the environment and enriches society.

Leal & Co. Ltd has been importing DENSO products for the last 30 years, and the brand is now recognised for its quality by any workshop or Spare Parts retailer. The range of products has gradually increased to Oil Filters, and wipers.

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Spark plugs & glow plugs.

Spark plugs & glow plugs.

Wiper blades.

Wiper blades.